Join us at Caribbean Aesthetic for styles you love designed with the intention of bringing light and joy to your home. We create, and curate home decor inspired by the warm and tranquil sounds of the Caribbean. Each piece is designed with the intention of helping you relax while focusing on what matters most in life. Community is front and center at everything we do here at Caribbean Aesthetic which is why 5% profit of every item sold is donated to a charity that supports education and community development.

I am Julia Gould, founder, and chief creator of Caribbean Aesthetic. I started this company as an answer to the question of “what brings me joy?”  The answer was uplifting my community, paying homage to my ancestors that paved a way for me, and clearing a path for those that will come after me. I wanted to design a company that marries my passion for philanthropy with design. I wanted to create a brand designed to make the world a better place and, with Caribbean Aesthetics, I believe that dream will become a reality.

Thank you for choosing Caribbean Aesthetics. I hope you find something that brings you joy. 



Julia from Caribbean Aesthetics.